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A Primer on the Motor Car Hobby Autobiography
Excursion Reports Jeremy's Motor Cars
Excursion Photo Fest Restoring an M19
Fairmont Engines Motorcar Trailer
Paper Items Carried by Operators Listen to that Putt-Putt Sound
More Paper Items Kalamazoo Railway Supply Co.
F7996 Spark Coils Sheffield/Fairbanks Morse
Article - Inspect the Rails in a Motorcar  Motor Car Lanterns
Installing Seat Belts Fairmont Carburetors
The MR19 Restoration The DSS&A M19 Restoration
Wear and Tear on M-9/M-19 Idler Pulley Components Zen and the Art of Motor Car Maintenance
Slide Show of Photos In Memory of Les King
TSB Photos Slideshow Motor (Car) Extra 830 West
The Narrow Gauge Project Every 2-Stroke Owner's Dream!
Virtual Motor Cars Riding the rails in Argentina and Chile
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Due to health issues Jeremy retired from the motorcar hobby in 2008

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