Interesting Trains at Schoolcraft

Here is the CN RDC rail monitoring RDC during Fall 2016. It came from the east specifically to check the new outer rail on the curve and new track at the US 131 crossing, both in Schoolcraft. There are only a handcar of RDC's still in use. 

The Loram railgrinder train came through in early summer 2017. It came from the west, backing up twice so the curve at Schoolcraft was ground 3 times. There were two water trucks following it at a distance.

I should know what this Dyna-Cat does but I don't......

In March 2018 here's the southbound Grand Elk road-train from Kalamazoo to Elkhart crossing the diamond. Speed for Grand Elk is restricted because it is a One Way Low Speed (OWLS) diamond. This type of diamond has a flange-bearing frog. Speed for the CN is not restricted as it is straight rail for their trains.

In summer 2017 a Westbound CN train came through at speed carry about 50 windmill blades, all of which were over one hundred feet long.

BNSF run-through loaded coal trains are an impressive sight, two big and clean units on the front, then 120-130 loaded hoppers and a pusher unit on the rear. These three units keep a heavy train moving at speed. The pusher on August 14th 2017 is shown below.




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