Riding the TSB on a Lake Central
Rail Tours Excursion - October 4, 2003

The main excursion on this day started in Howell and went to Cadillac. While the day-trippers got off the train to have lunch and do some shopping, I got on for a ride to Walton Junction.

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The Shay locomotive displayed in downtown Cadillac

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Historic marker for the Shay.

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#393 with 5 TSB ex-VIA cars and one private car rolls in right on time past the Ann Arbor passenger depot, now an Amvets building.

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It stopped at the downtown park to let off all the riders from the Southeast. I was pleased to see a large number of passengers for the ride to Walton Junction.

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In Selma Yard, #392 fastened on to the rear end of the train and started pulling us north. This smart move saved a lot of time. Here we are north of Cadillac.  

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The spur at Manton. The vestibules were empty so we stayed there and took lots of photos.

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Downtown Manton.

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God's country north of Manton. Track condition was excellent, resulting in a smooth ride.

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Crossing the Manistee River Bridge just south of Walton Junction

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The Manistee River, looking west.

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Approaching Walton Junction.

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Here is the switch for the line to Traverse City. There is still a full wye here. We stopped for a couple of minutes and then #393 started pulling us south.

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Not a sight captured too many times. This is the spur just south of Manton that runs to the east for a short distance.

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The old Pennsy mileposts are still in, for the most part. Looks like new ballast here.

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Back in Cadillac North Yard, we pass under the loading facility.

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Here's North yard. revenue cars were stored on the passing track on the other side of the train.

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These box cars won't be moving anywhere soon.......

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The TSBY snow plough. It dates from 1953.

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#393 cut off the train here. #392 on the rear pushed us into Selma Yard and then pulled us back to the City Park.

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Sigh, the ride was over. The day-trippers got back on the train and it left for an eventual return to Howell at 9:30pm.

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Do yourself a favor and ride the train on the 11th, 18th or 19th.

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The private car on the rear was used for first class passengers. Congrats to the TSB and Lake Central Rail Tours for giving us a great experience.

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