Riding the TSB on a Lake Central
Rail Tours Excursion - October 19, 2003

The main excursion on this day started in Howell and went to Cadillac. While the day-trippers got off the train to have lunch and do some shopping, I got on for a ride to Walton Junction. I took a few photos beforehand also.

tsby01.jpg (28421 bytes)

ex-Pennsy, now TSB engine house in Cadillac

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Another view of the engine house with 4 TSB units parked alongside it.

tsby08.jpg (38777 bytes)

Four TSB units, from front to back - 2681, 391, 393 and 392. 

tsby04.jpg (27939 bytes)

2681, an EMD GP 35 with Alco FA trucks that was built in 1964. It is ex-Southern.

tsby05.jpg (32538 bytes)

391 "City of Owosso", an EMD GP 35 with Alco FA trucks that was built in 1964. It is ex-Ann Arbor.

tsby06.jpg (35520 bytes)

393 "City of Cadillac", an EMD GP 35 with Alco FA trucks that was built in 1964. It is ex-Ann Arbor.

tsby07.jpg (34603 bytes)

392 "City of Mt. Pleasant", an EMD GP 35 with Alco FA trucks that was built in 1964. It is ex-Ann Arbor.

tsby09.jpg (45017 bytes)

A long time resident of Cadillac, this box car came from the Detroit, Toledo and Shore Line railroad.

tsby10.jpg (31986 bytes)

TSB box car on the rails next to the engine house.

tsby11.jpg (28341 bytes)

Ready for that West Michigan snow!

tsby12.jpg (33275 bytes)

Looking north towards North Yard from the engine house.

tsby13.jpg (30807 bytes)

Here we have Selma Yard in Cadillac, which does two things - it holds all the sand cars for the quarry at Yuma and there is a coke transload.

tsby14.jpg (32270 bytes)

Another shot of Selma Yard, which is ex-Ann Arbor.

tsby15.jpg (36061 bytes)

ex-MKT, now TSB short hopper for the sand traffic.

tsby16.jpg (31593 bytes)

Another type of TSB hopper for the sand traffic.

tsby17.jpg (26279 bytes)

The old Ann Arbor freight house in Cadillac, used by the TSB for office space. A spur still runs alongside this building.

tsby18.jpg (36538 bytes)

The ex-Ann Arbor passenger depot (or was it a Union Depot?) in Cadillac, now an Am Vet facility.

tsby19.jpg (26378 bytes)

The excursion train arrives at the city park, pulled by TSB 394 "City of Clare", another GP 35. It disgorges its passengers and then we board. The vestibules are empty. Here we are leaving the park.

tsby20.jpg (26363 bytes)

We arrive shortly in Selma Yard, the switch is thrown for the Kalkaska line and we reverse direction. TSB engine 395 is now at the front.

tsby21.jpg (21538 bytes)

At the same location, looking back at 394, now on the rear.

tsby23.jpg (24894 bytes)

Around the curve we meet up with TSB 392, which couples onto the train and starts pulling us north.  On this day there were 6 TSB engines in Cadillac.

tsby24.jpg (28713 bytes)

Just after the engine house we start to pass Cadillac North Yard. 

tsby25.jpg (30238 bytes)

Residents of North Yard include a customized 40 foot gondola used in MOW service and a 40 foot box car.

tsby26.jpg (27919 bytes)

The line of ex-AA short hoppers that seem to be permanent residents in the yard. 

tsby27.jpg (34662 bytes)

They still have AA markings on them. 

tsby28.jpg (30632 bytes)

Hiding at the north end of the yard are a couple of revenue cars. This is a sand unloading operation.

tsby29.jpg (31950 bytes)

At the far north end, all the yard tracks start coming together.

tsby30.jpg (20632 bytes)

This potash/salt loading facility is just north of the yard. 

tsby31.jpg (28232 bytes)

We break free of the city and head north into the country.

tsby32.jpg (52090 bytes)

Autumn colors on this day are gorgeous. The dry leaves swirl around the train as we briskly move North.

tsby33.jpg (39968 bytes)

More autumn colors south of Manton. 

tsby34.jpg (40814 bytes)

This really could be God's Country..........

tsby35.jpg (25798 bytes)

The spur at Manton, in typical TSB pristine condition.

tsby36.jpg (40650 bytes)

The town center of Manton.

tsby37.jpg (27873 bytes)

North of Manton.

tsby38.jpg (41317 bytes)

Track condition is excellent. We maintain a steady speed of 30 mph.

tsby39.jpg (34967 bytes)

Approaching the Manistee River bridge.

tsby40.jpg (54816 bytes)

Here's the bridge, which is just south of Walton Junction..

tsby41.jpg (32694 bytes)

Looking east up the Manistee River.

tsby42.jpg (38038 bytes)

Walton Junction, where the line to Traverse City branches off. We stop here for about 60 seconds and then start back south.

tsby43.jpg (19960 bytes)

Heading back through the Manistee National Forest.

tsby44.jpg (25010 bytes)

The temperature is perfect for hanging out in the vestibule. Not too hot, not too cold.

tsby46.jpg (31221 bytes)

TSB 394 "City of Clare" is now pulling the train south.

tsby45.jpg (24860 bytes)

Looking back at the same spot as the photo above, TSB 392 and 395 on the rear.

tsby47.jpg (25355 bytes)

The passengers cars are all ex-VIA. They have probably seen service through some brutal Canadian winters but remain in excellent condition. 

tsby48.jpg (44362 bytes)

We rejoin the ex-AA line at Cadillac. The track leading off to the right is part of the wye at Cadillac.

tsby49.jpg (32054 bytes)

Winding through the city of Cadillac, there is evidence of many spurs but alas, none are in use any more on the ex-AA line.

tsby50.jpg (28885 bytes)

The excursion train is back at the city park in Cadillac.

tsby52.jpg (37735 bytes)

The excursion passengers from the south-east load back onto the train.

tsby53.jpg (41347 bytes)

TSBY 392 and 395 wait patiently while the crowds return onto the train.  Congrats to the TSB and Lake Central Rail Tours for giving us a great excursion experience.

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